Monday, April 18, 2011

In which I gush about a two minute scene from a film.

Okay, so the other day I was talking to a friend of mine and having a bit of a fangirl attack (In my defense, it was about 1am) and I realised that I have about six files on my computer that are just me discussing clips from films that i've never shown anybody because I didn't think anyone would care.

Then said friend reminded me that that's what blogs are for.

So here is my overly-emotional, fangirly, poorly-worded breakdown of the confrontation scene in The Social Network which can be seen here:
(it wasn't on youtube in full or in HQ. bah humbug.)

I feel like this whole scene is a fireball, instant representation of Mark and Eduardo's entire relationship. Like, the whole struggle between them and the months of miscommunication and longing just come to a head in this perfect way where you can see every feeling between them rise to the surface.

When you look at Eduardo you see so much anger, and then as he turns to look at Mark the anguish in his voice and the pain in his eyes just scream "You are my best friend, and you’ve just broken my heart, my spirit and my entire career apart, and all I ever did was love you and help you, what did I do to deserve this?" and it's right there in the dialogue that Eduardo is searching for reasons, looking for things he did wrong and for explanations for Mark's behaviour - to work out how long he's been in a one-sided relationship, and the initial reaction is to hate Mark; to feel everything that Eduardo is feeling and project it onto Mark, and onto Sean who is basically the Yoko to their John and Paul.

But then we see Mark and we see how his face transforms from the "You made a bad business deal with your own company" harshness and supposed lack of feeling into this picture of torment and regret and I feel like as Eduardo walks away, Mark finally realises that he’s lost more than he bargained for. I don’t think Mark ever realised that losing his CFO would equal losing his best friend. To him, he was cutting Eduardo out of the company but not out of his life and he didn't understand that Eduardo would see it as anything other than a business deal.

To Mark it was all black and white, Wardo was his best friend and Eduardo was his CFO and he thought that he could have one without the other and in the moment when Eduardo says to him "I’m coming back for everything" its like you see on his face that he finally realises that he’s ruined this relationship with this person that he loves on a level that he wasn't even consciously aware of. You can see him realise what he’s done and you can see it dawn on him, as he spins back around in his chair that even if Eduardo comes back for the entire company, he wont care, because none of it matters if he hasn't got his best friend.


The acting in this film cannot be adequately described in words.

...and neither can my love for it.

I guess this is kind of a rant?

It really pisses me off when homophobes try to use ‘nature’ as a basis for their beliefs.
Like when people say ‘The only natural way to reproduce is through being in a heterosexual relationship.’ or ‘It’s unnatural for two men or two women to be together because the purpose of life is procreation’ or ‘God put Adam and Eve in the garden, not Adam and Steve.’ (the latter being a sentence that makes me cringe beyond belief.)

There are so many flaws in those ‘arguments’ that I can’t even bring myself to fully dissect them.
In the same way, it’s aggravating when one person decides that if another person is gay, it’s their choice and is a conscious decision they’ve made.

If you truly believe that couples shouldn’t be allowed to have children if they haven’t done so ‘naturally’ then shouldn’t the same argument apply to all people who are unable to conceive with their partner?

I’d like to see the people that believe this stand up and present their pathetic excuse for logic to a room full of straight women who are unable to have children.

‘Excuse me, miss, but your inability to have children with your husband is unnatural. Obviously, you have made a conscious choice to be infertile and defy the wishes of God and therefore you will be damned to hell.’

Double standards make me feel ill.

Live and let live. This level of ignorance is disgusting.

(This is the thing that made me write this:

N.B: my next post will be full of happiness and unicorns. I promise. :D